Bianca, Simon, Mélissa…

Throughout their school years, they were empowered by pros who changed their world.

Every year, the success of thousands of our public-school students is supported by our educational professionals. The hard work and expertise of these specialists in over 30 distinct professions is changing the lives of not only young people, but the future of our society.

Each of them, in their own way, is broadening horizons for people like Bianca, Simon and Mélissa.

Bianca and the Student Life Animator

The pro who helped guide her with sound advice

To help Bianca manage anxiety, her high school animator Alexandre suggested she perform in the play The Imaginary Invalid. Then, on the night of the premiere, Bianca panicked. Alexandre gave her a piece of advice she still follows today, before each new audition.
In Bianca’s words, “He helped make me who I am today”!

Simon and the Guidance Counsellor

The pro who listened to Simon’s dreams

In grade 11, Simon had a wide variety of passions but didn’t know which direction to take. Through a process of self-awareness, his guidance counsellor helped Simon define his priorities and make concrete decisions about the future. He listened to Simon’s dreams and suggested a program that fulfilled Simon’s artistic aspirations and helped make his dreams come true.

Mélissa and the “Orthopédagogues”

Pros with a constructive approach

Throughout elementary and high school, Mélissa was supported by “orthopédagogues” that really helped boost her self-confidence. Today, her daughters benefit from the support of that same type of specialist. Melissa admires them and speaks with heart about their professional commitment. To her, they made all the difference in the world. She and her daughters are living proof.